The Story of Our Purpose Driven Organization

Embrace Transformation

Choose Your Adventure

Take your work and life in an exciting new direction.

Each Conscious Leaders Quest is a five-day, six-night adventure combining new experiences with facilitator-guided group learning using the four pillars. Trips include less than 20 participants brought together through a 12-month community coaching experience prior to and after the adventure. Individuals conclude the experience with:

  • A deeply personal transformation;
  • Meaningful connection w participants to accelerate your growth as a leader;
  • Actionable tools that you can apply in your business to amplify the performance of your leadership, teams and workplace culture.
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Meet the Challenge

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones do not challenge us or make demands. They never force us to grow. Sticking with the familiar or what we already excel at stops us from discovering our true potential. 

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. 

The first step outside your comfort zone is the first step toward discovering your true purpose as a leader. Every retreat introduces participants to new activities designed to spark:

  • Deeper self-confidence
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Awareness of the world and how you fit in it
  • Strength to embrace change and the unfamiliar
  • Realizations about your potential as a business leader

Get ready for outside-the-comfort-zone experiences specially curated for each adventure. Surfing, yoga, hiking, horseback riding, new cuisine, mindfulness practices—the list goes on. Enjoy many firsts designed for a leadership journey built to last.

Our Story

In the annals of unconventional partnerships, ours stands out as an unparalleled Dream Team. When Michael, Peter, and Ron unite their visionary forces to design, guide, and unlock collective wisdom, a higher vibrational energy creates a container for people to be fully seen, heard, nourished, challenged, loved, and inspired. This dynamic alchemy transforms our participants into heart-centered leaders, poised to confront the most formidable challenges of their careers. Why these formidable challenges, you ask? Our rapidly changing world calls for leaders with extraordinary superpowers—those who can forge profound connections, chart visionary paths for contemporary dilemmas, and cultivate a haven of psychological safety for individuals and teams to converge and unlock their boundless potential.

What makes our triumvirate* the ultimate catalyst for this alchemical transformation? We fuse the prowess of Michael Diettrich-Chastain, a workplace peak performance virtuoso, with the boundless creativity of Peter Katz, the JUNO-Nominated Musician, Storyteller, and the very embodiment of a “thunderbolt for the soul,” and the seasoned entrepreneurship of Ron Hill, a 25-year veteran in purpose-driven organizations. The alchemy is born from the unique paths we’ve traversed individually, intertwining in a magnificent tapestry of growth and expansion—for ourselves, those we impact, and the world. We share an audacious vision for a world where businesses transcend their conventional roles, evolving into instruments of healing and wholeness, aligning with the world’s deepest needs.

* a group or association of three

In the grand adventure of life & leadership, there’s only one way forward: by embarking on the journey of a lifetime, unlocking the truest and best versions of ourselves – one quest at a time.


Leadership Adventure

After witnessing the transformation of our first retreat participants it became clear that CLQ is much more than just a retreat.  We have evolved to become a Leadership Adventure which is then supported by a Community of Conscious Leaders.  

A Leadership Adventure encapsules a bold and courageous journey where leaders, driven by their adventurous spirit, embark on a strategic exploration to become the best version of themselves and then cultivate the same in the people they impact. 

In this immersive adventure, leaders tap into their inner wisdom and emerge as empowered, conscious trailblazers, ready to navigate the ever-changing landscapes of the modern world.

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Organizational Clarity

CLQ believes that clarity is kindness which is why we openly share our Organizational Clarity Framework which is about how we behave and lead by example. 

When you change a lens, you can change outcomes.  The lens of organizational clarity aligns everyone around a calibrated True North (purpose), and who is doing what when.  The super charger comes in when Values are aligned with Behaviors that become the internal code for how to show up each day and take care of what needs to be done.


A statement of the difference you want to make in the world.  The wrong you want to right in the world!  This is a galvanizing statement that is much bigger than what you do.  It’s your true north and stays consistent through time. 

We help leaders discover the best version of themselves; so that they can cultivate the same in the people they impact.


The core strategy on how you differentiate through the way you fulfill your purpose every day. Your mission can and most likely will change as your business grows and evolves.

Helping leaders build companies that are solving the world’s problems, through transformational retreats, community, and access to coaches & consulting.


This is what your purpose looks like fulfilled in the future.  It’s a vivid, imaginative view of how the world will look once your purpose is realized.

We see a world in which businesses focus on intentional healing of the people in their care as a superpower to their success.

Core Values

Core values are 3 to 4 unique values that your organization owns, lives and are or can be fully integrated into the culture.  These are inherent and sacrosanct (too important or valuable to be messed with); they can never be compromised. They are the unwavering principles that help you fulfill your purpose.