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The Power of Community

Most leaders do not have access to the accountability, community, and positive pressure they need to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. When you take on a challenge as part of a community and with a council of peers, the chances of success are much higher than if you were to set out alone. 

The purpose of our community is to unlock internal wisdom and make it easier for leaders to reach their potential and discover the best version of themselves. We help leaders become more accountable through positive pressure and a deeply connected community in which to learn from and contribute as part of the collective wisdom.

When leaders bring their whole selves to work, it creates psychological safety for entire organizations to impact all stakeholders through increased innovation, collaboration & communication, and process efficiency.

The community works in tandem with our leadership adventures using our Mind, Body, & Business philosophy supported by our One Path journey and the specific tools and practices within our Four Pillars.  This is part of our holistic approach to conscious leadership that becomes a healing elixir for individuals, businesses, and the world. See Our Process for more information.

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Join the Community

Two Ways to Become a Member


Join a Leadership Adventure and get a one year membership to CLQ Council.


Join our community if:

  • You are senior leader with 5 or more direct reports
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You are open to the journey of a lifetime.

What You Get:

  • Meaningful connection with council members to accelerate your growth as a leader
  • Actionable tools that you can apply in your business to amplify the performance of your leadership, teams, and workplace culture.
  • Coaching in a group setting
  • The last coaching session of each quarter switches from coaching to insight
  • Features a special guest
  • Insight + Active Learning
  • 24 / 7 ability to reach out to the community
  • Consistent support for your journey
  • Discounts on coaching & consulting needs

  • First access to new Leadership Adventures

  • Guest passes to Quarterly Wisdom Sessions

  • Monthly connection with 1 other community member

  • Local Experience Dinners


Conscious Leaders Quest community members are committed to a growth mindset and willing to embark on the journey of a lifetime by becoming the best version of themselves.  This simply means you are willing to be a little better tomorrow than today.  You are likely a leader who is too busy to take time for themselves but know deep down that you have to invest in yourself by slowing down a gear or two to ultimately speed up.

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