Leadership Adventures

Change Your Surroundings. Change Yourself. Lean into the journey of a lifetime.

A Leadership Adventure encapsules a bold and courageous journey where leaders, driven by their adventurous spirit, embark on a strategic exploration to become the best version of themselves and then cultivate the same in the people they impact. 

Some call it a “retreat” but at CLQ this is no ordinary retreat … It’s a Leadership Adventure.

In this immersive adventure, leaders tap into their inner wisdom and emerge as empowered, conscious trailblazers, ready to navigate the ever-changing landscapes of the modern world.

A change in scenery opens people up to new opportunities and experiences. The awe of untapped wilderness and picturesque locations creates a pathway for connecting with nature and ourselves. When we experience the world differently, we open the door for inward-looking learning as leaders. 

Conscious Leaders Quest combines the power of place—some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations—with a one-of-a-kind mind, body, and business coaching model to help leaders discover the best in themselves. 



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Embrace Transformation

Choose Your Adventure

Take your work and life in an exciting new direction.

Each Conscious Leaders Quest is a five-day, six-night adventure combining new experiences with facilitator-guided group learning using the four pillars. Trips include less than 20 participants brought together through a 12-month community coaching experience prior to and after the adventure. Individuals conclude the experience with:

  • A deeply personal transformation;
  • Meaningful connection w participants to accelerate your growth as a leader;
  • Actionable tools that you can apply in your business to amplify the performance of your leadership, teams and workplace culture.
hikers in costa rica
Meet the Challenge

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones do not challenge us or make demands. They never force us to grow. Sticking with the familiar or what we already excel at stops us from discovering our true potential. 

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. 

The first step outside your comfort zone is the first step toward discovering your true purpose as a leader. Every retreat introduces participants to new activities designed to spark:

  • Deeper self-confidence
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Awareness of the world and how you fit in it
  • Strength to embrace change and the unfamiliar
  • Realizations about your potential as a business leader

Get ready for outside-the-comfort-zone experiences specially curated for each adventure. Surfing, yoga, hiking, horseback riding, new cuisine, mindfulness practices—the list goes on. Enjoy many firsts designed for a leadership journey built to last.

Upcoming Quests

Bozeman, Montana

June 21-27, 2024

Nosara, Costa Rica

February 2025


Long or arduous search within the journey of a lifetime.

Purpose-driven leadership is a voyage, not a destination. Conscious Leaders Quest uses adventure-based retreats, community, and coaching to help people discover the best in themselves. In doing so personally, quest participants become empowered to do the same in the businesses and lives they impact.