Our Process

Mind, Body & Business Philosophy

As a Conscious Leaders Quest participant, you will emerge as a modern leader embodying the powerful combination of Mindfulness, Body Awareness, and Business Acumen that brings wholeness to your leadership.  It’s no longer enough to be good at one of these three key skill sets.  Only at the intersection of Mind, Body, & Business are you able to unlock your true leadership capacity, effectiveness & efficiency.

Our Mind, Body, & Business philosophy is internalized by experiencing the Four Pillars of Conscious Leadership framed through the lens of our One Path Method.



With our personalized guidance and practical tools, deepen your awareness of what you sense and feel in the moment without interpretation or judgment. This approach nurtures emotional balance and a sense of well-being, enriching every step of your journey allowing you to show up to pause, notice and choose the best outcomes for any situation.

body awareness

Body Awareness

Discover the art of interpreting and embracing your body’s cues, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of leadership. By tuning into your body and finding stillness, you unlock profound internal wisdom, allowing you to lead with confidence. Since you speak so loudly with how you physically show up in a space, we help you tune in and bring a since of harmony to all connections.

Business Acumen

As a modern leader, you need an updated playbook for a world that is changing faster than you can individually keep up. You will learn the art of building stakeholder practices for psychological safety and unlocking collective wisdom within your organization by exposure to a new framework plus tools, processes and practices that allow you to quickly affect business outcomes.

In order for conscious leaders to thrive on the journey of a lifetime, you need a powerful framework in which to evolve and transform your leadership.  The CLQ framework combines the lens of the One Path method overlayed with the tools and practices of the Four Pillars.

One Path Journey

We typically have misconstrued relationships with our past, present, and future.  We often dwell on what went wrong, focus on our current deficits, and worry about a future yet to be told.  All of this multi-directional visioning not only creates general anxiety for us as people and also keeps us from reaching our true potential as leaders. 

The One Path methodology is a powerful lens that helps you create a harmonious relationship with your past, present, and future selves to unlock true leadership potential.

Past: Mining the gold of resilience and lessons from our history.

Present: Optimizing current strengths and talents.

Future: Envisioning and actualizing the best possible outcomes.

The Four Pillars

Experience the four pillars of conscious leadership and how to leverage them in order to discover the best version of yourself as a leader. When you show up this way, it unlocks the collective wisdom of your team and those you impact. Transform your organization by becoming more resourced, innovative, and whole.


Experience connection and cultivate this crucial ingredient in your workplace.


Establish disciplined routines to support desired changes and goals.


Embrace risk-taking as a key component of effective leadership.


Harness personal and collective wisdom for impactful decision-making.

Impact from the Inside Out

Curious bird

Our friend and mentor who we lost to a brain tumor in 2022, Dr. Danny Friedland said that leadership is not a role, it’s a way of being.  He went on to say that each one of us can not not have influence.  The question is if it’s positive or negative influence.

Danny had a profound impact on the lives of so many people including Michael, Peter and me.  We miss him and can often hear his voice echo in our heads.  He said, the solution is not just trying harder, or even trying to eliminate all the stress in your life. It’s increasing your awareness and inner resources – including leveraging stress as an asset – to achieve the outcomes that matter most.  In other words, it’s to become a Conscious Leader.

We as leaders must learn to RESOURCE ourselves so our internal resources become greater than the external demands of modern life & leadership. As we build our internal resources, we create a spaciousness which draws those we impact towards us and cultivates the same in them. 

The Conscious Leaders Quest methodology includes the teachings of Dr. Danny where he shares the compelling evidence and neuroscience behind what makes Conscious Leadership so effective and how you can cultivate it through the practice of mindfulness.

Dr. Daniel Friedland, MD is the author of Leading Well From Within – A Neuroscience and Mindfulness – Based Framework for Conscious Leadership. He was a beloved friend, mentor, & conscious capitalist who’s life work and passion brought Ron, Michael and Peter together.  We lovingly carry on his work as a core to the methodology of the Conscious Leaders Quest.

Live a Loving Life.