The more you give, the more you get

Conscious Leaders Quest helps leaders directly impact their companies and those they lead in a way that inspires the people around them to become the best version of themselves. This ripples through an organization to create psychological safety and directly impacts the bottom line.

Our quests prove that when non-profit leaders join a cohort, everyone benefits from their unique wisdom and experience. They then return to their organizations with additional knowledge and the expanded capacity to enhance the impact of their work.

Unfortunately, non-profit leaders often lack the time, resources, and budget to devote to their professional development. An investment in their leadership growth is an investment in their social missions—doing the most good for the most people.

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Donate to the CLQ Scholarship Fund

CLQ’s commitment to building diverse cohorts of leaders led us to create a scholarship fund to invest in two non-profit leaders per quest. Your donation matches funds to help provide selected non-profit leaders with the following:

Invest in the LEADERS our world needs

Your Gift will help a nonprofit leader:

Your Gift will help a nonprofit organization:


Become one of the LEADERS we invest in

If you lead a nonprofit organization and are being called to adventure by joining one of our Leadership Adventures then apply for a scholarship today.  We are looking at the same requirements for all leaders regardless of their ability to pay and are also working to attract sponsors to help you, as a nonprofit leader, scale up your organization while reducing your stress and anxiety.  It’s a Win for all.