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Adventure within.
Harness collective wisdom.
Lead a business the world needs now.

It's the journey of a lifetime, and no one wants to do it alone!

Your business is growing fast, but the bottom feels like shifting sand. You’re chasing stability and success, yet something is missing.

Hustling harder leads to burnout for you and your entire team. Slowing down leads to innovation, efficiency, and psychological safety. This is the evolution of conscious leadership.

If you’re ready for real change, join us for our next leadership adventure.


Conscious Leaders Quest takes a holistic approach to mind, body and business. Leaders then discover the best in themselves and cultivate the best in others.

Learn more about our One Path & Four Pillars.


Some call it a “retreat” but at CLQ this is no ordinary retreat …It’s a Leadership Adventure. In our immersive adventures, leaders tap into their inner wisdom and emerge as empowered, conscious trailblazers, ready to navigate the ever-changing landscapes of the modern world.



We believe that conscious leadership is the journey of a lifetime! Along that journey, we will each have many quests that require connection to a community of loving, adventurous, and thoughtful individuals to unlock the collective wisdom that helps leaders discover the best version of themselves.

What is a Conscious Leader?

Conscious Leaders are unwavering in their commitment to personal growth and self-awareness, traits that enable them to create a workplace environment characterized by psychological safety and inclusivity. With an innate sense of adventure and a courageous spirit, they actively contribute to making a positive mark on the world, not just within their organizations but in society at large.

Conscious Leader Quest defines conscious leadership as a way of being rather than merely a role. A conscious leader understands the profound influence they carry by merely entering a room, realizing that their actions speak louder than their words. They prioritize cultivating a growth mindset and embarking on a personal journey towards wholeness, recognizing that their inner transformation has a profound impact on those they lead.

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