Community Vs. Alone: The Power of Connection

True confession: I used to be a lone wolf leader.

As someone who once thrived in solitude, I embarked on a personal and professional evolution that led me to recognize the profound impact of social connections. I recently revisited some of the pivotal moments on this journey, including a study on happiness—and hills—that shifted my perspective on leadership and camaraderie.

Join me as I explore how fostering deep connections and collective wisdom elevates leadership performance and injects joy into our endeavors.

Lone Wolf

For much of my life, I thrived as a lone wolf, navigating the solitary waves of personal and professional challenges. 

My sport of choice was swimming—a testament to individual triumph and personal bests, where even relay races felt like solitary quests for fleeting glory.


However, after running my own company for 25 years and finally parting ways, a subtle yet profound transformation began unfolding within me.

It wasn’t visible overnight, but as I delved deeper into the journey of conscious leadership, I realized a pivotal shift: I no longer desired to be the lone leader atop the mountain.

Instead, I yearned for the camaraderie and shared purpose that only a team—a community—could offer.


This epiphany was further solidified when I stumbled upon fascinating research by happiness expert Shawn Achor, who brought to light a study by psychologist Dennis Proffitt and others. 

Their work, “Perceiving Geographical Slant,” unveiled a psychological phenomenon where the steepness of a hill appears significantly less daunting when you are accompanied by a friend compared to facing it alone.

Achor leverages this insight to highlight the indispensable role of social connections. Our relationships profoundly influence our perceptions and bolster our capacity to tackle challenges. 

More than just aids in overcoming obstacles, these connections enhance our overall performance and inject joy into our endeavors.

Boosting Performance and Happiness

This revelation got me thinking. If our connections can dramatically boost our performance and happiness, then as leaders, we must refine how we engage in these relationships. 

We need to become architects of community, masterfully crafting environments that foster deep connections and collective wisdom. 

It’s about being bold, adventurous, and strategic—traits that define not only a conscious leader but also a catalyst for collective empowerment and joy.

Remember, the primary hurdle in elevating your performance and joy through cohesive teamwork is Y-O-U. 

Embracing the journey to become the best version of yourself is essential. This path isn’t just about personal fulfillment. It is about creating ripples that transform into waves of organizational success and shared happiness.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to dive into this transformative journey? If you’re curious about joining a small, intimate coaching group (3 to 4 people), reach out. Let’s schedule a time to explore how you can harness the power of community to amplify your leadership and happiness. Together, we can climb any hill, no matter how steep it may seem when faced alone.


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