The Journey of Doing Good

When I embarked on the journey of founding my second company, Redemption Plus, back in 1996, I had a vision of creating something truly exceptional. Although I couldn’t quite articulate it at the time, my ambition was to establish a stakeholder organization that would seamlessly intertwine work, life, and doing good in the world. The concept of giving back or doing good has always held a special place in my heart, even as some well-meaning mentors advised me to wait for a more opportune moment. They suggested that I should postpone philanthropy until I achieved extraordinary success. But I couldn’t help but wonder: When exactly would that moment arrive? What would it look like?

As our journey unfolded, we decided to take proactive steps towards giving back. We established a charitable foundation, initiated employee giving cards, and encouraged team members to participate in charitable endeavors. However, this approach still entailed budgeting funds for donations after we had reached a certain level of profitability and felt comfortable allocating a limited budget for philanthropy. It all seemed unnecessarily convoluted.

In that moment, I promised myself if I were ever to start another company, I would integrate the essence of “doing good” into its DNA. This approach would enable us to make a positive impact from the very outset. We could proudly declare that our path to success hinges on building a system where doing good and achieving success are not mutually exclusive; instead, they reinforce each other. It’s a resounding “YES AND” philosophy rather than an “either-or” dichotomy.

My partners and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime by launching Conscious Leaders Quest last year — a leadership adventure and community. We challenge today’s modern leader to embody their best selves because we firmly believe that when leaders unlock their inner potential, they inspire the same in others. Our unique formula, which entails inner exploration, tapping into collective wisdom, and guiding companies toward addressing global needs, only truly thrives when it’s accessible to everyone.

To that end, we’ve developed a model where we reserve two seats in every leadership adventure, often referred to as a retreat, for leaders from nonprofit organizations who do not have the financial means to invest in personal development experiences at this level. We’ve also inaugurated the Conscious Leaders Quest Scholarship Fund, designed to offer support to more nonprofit leaders on their transformative journeys. In addition, CLQ is a benefit LLC with doing good baked right into our articles of organization.

Meet Beth Roalstad, a scholarship recipient who attended the Nosara, Costa Rica 2023 leadership adventure and a current member of our coaching community.

“ … this became an unfolding of who I truly am. What was different this time was the intentionality. This experience helped me embody the change I need to make to take my organization to the next level.” — Beth Roalstad, CEO, Homeward Pikes Peak.

Our commitment to this inclusive approach has yielded remarkable results. By amplifying the voices of nonprofit leaders within our community, we enable other leaders to learn from their experiences. Moreover, it empowers our nonprofit counterparts to build the confidence needed to embrace their roles fully. They no longer need to settle for less simply because they operate within the nonprofit sector. Instead, they can boldly step into their leadership roles, nurturing the best in others, all while embodying the best version of themselves.

One leader taking a courageous step on the journey of a lifetime will create ripples through everyone they impact. Everyone!


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