Rekindling Your Leadership Spark: 7 Strategies to Beat ‘Boreout’ and Reignite Your Passion for the Role

Strategies to beat boreout

Does work have you feeling tired, stressed, or disconnected? Is it burnout or boreout?

Burnout is a growing exhaustion from feeling constantly overloaded. But an equally important leadership problem gets less attention: BOREOUT.

Boreout is the psychological term for the emotional “blah” from feeling under-stimulated. It’s sometimes called languishing. It is a sense of exhaustion not from overwork, but a lack of purpose and meaning in the work. 

We often mistakenly think of boreout as a problem just at the bottom of companies. In fact, when a member of our CLQ team brought this topic up, I pushed back. I hadn’t experienced it, so she shared her story. 

Performance vs. Purpose

As an executive in a publicly traded company, she earned some of the biggest honors in the industry. The company was outperforming competitors and she had a great team. Outwardly, she appeared at the top of her game. Behind the scenes, she was languishing. Her inbox always had hundreds of unread emails she couldn’t keep up with. Nine hours of back-to-back meetings were common. Her days were filled with reacting to fires rather than pursuing meaningful goals. She battled feeling like she was never really making a difference.

Too much work with too little purpose had her experiencing both burnout and boreout.

Turns out she’s not alone. Research shows people—even in the c-suite—caught in the pressure cooker of today’s modern workplace are at an increased risk of languishing and falling into check-the-box leadership. The result is less motivation, a loss of creativity, and a lack of joy in the work. 

Does any of this resonate with you?

Strategies to Beat Boreout

The key to fighting this type of fatigue and reclaiming your leadership passion is balancing what’s meaningful with what’s manageable.

Here are some helpful tips to beat boreout and recharge your potential for making a meaningful impact:

  1. Talk about it. Connect with mentors, coaches, other leaders, and staff. Leverage relationships built on high levels of trust to discuss your feelings. Seek advice, new perspectives, and a safe space to bounce around ideas.
  2. Try something new. Stimulation is the antidote to stagnation. Engage in a different activity or learn a new skill. This can be inside your business or on your own. Accessing another part of yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally—even if it isn’t directly related to your work—gets the creative juices flowing.
  3. Chase discomfort. Leaders often become handcuffed by their own success. Yet we learn the most from mistakes. Feeling uncomfortable is the quickest way to growth. Embrace trials and errors. Give yourself the grace to trip up and try again.  
  4. Play every day. Have some fun. Sing, dance, joke. Take mundane work tasks and find a way to make them fun. Create personal or professional challenges that expand your leadership skills and impact. Unleashing your competitive spirit—even against yourself—fosters growth.
  5. Send the elevator back down. Invest in others to unlock their potential. Leaders practicing communication, connection, and care create workplace cultures that are safe spaces for true authenticity and extraordinary innovation. Plus, gaining new perspectives and valuable lessons from those around you often is the perfect spark to reinvigorate your leadership impact.
  6. Pursue passion projects. Google encourages employees to apply 20% of their time toward innovative projects. The practice produces some of the company’s biggest wins (and learnings). Make it a priority to pursue what excites you, embodies your values, and can make a difference.
  7. Refocus on your purpose. Leadership is more than achieving goals. It is about living your values by pursuing what truly matters. Forge a plan for aligning your actions and core beliefs. Purpose-driven leadership creates limitless new opportunities—all capable of beating the “blahs” and helping you (and the people around you) flourish.

If this has helped put a name to what you’ve been feeling, or sparked an idea for overcoming it, let’s connect. When it comes to unlocking leadership and our best selves, it is the journey of a lifetime.

With Gratitude, 
CLQ Co-Founder & Guide


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